Oklahoma City

Known for skyscrapers that threaten to tickle the clouds, Oklahoma City has several notable amenities and everything else you could want! Sitting on the Interstate 35 corridor, Oklahoma City and surrounding towns like Edmond, El Reno and Norman have excellent recreational sites and are great areas to raise a family. This region has more than large cities with good economies, it combines the best of work and play all in one area!

With its booming economy, Oklahoma City has grown admirably over the years. The transportation industry is thriving, and there are plenty of jobs in the federal government and the private sector. The public school district provides a good education to children and teens and for those who choose to seek a higher education can enroll in one of the technology schools in the city. In the area there's a lot of peace and quiet, but you are still only a short distance away from great amenities, so it's ideal for almost anyone!